Benefits of being in a LINK

A LINK is a mutually beneficial partnership, allowing all members of an eye care team – nurses,  optometrists, ophthalmologists and all the professionals involved in managing patients – to develop their skills, to experience different cultures and build relationships with eye care professionals internationally.

Specifically, the benefits of being in a LINK are below. 

Members of a LINK gather in a classroom
  1. Skill sharing

    Diagnostic, treatment, administrative and technical skills of all cadres of ophthalmic staff will be improved through training, which may be in general or sub-specialty ophthalmology or any other discipline related to running the service. Through training visits between partner eye care teams, participants experience different health care systems, ways of working and techniques

  2. Working and training together

    Team-working in new and creative ways to address the challenges faced by the overseas partner team together. Those involved in teaching and training gain experience in sharing their knowledge

  3. Information management

    Some LINK partnerships work together to enhance information technology capability, facilitating the ability to access information, communicate electronically, and collect, store and analyse data

  4. Research

    Some LINKS help to develop research capacity and undertake research together

  5. Job satisfaction

    UK partners often return home with renewed energy in their working life, having been exposed to different cultures and ways of working

  6. Community focus

    Some LINK partners choose to work together to develop community eye health programmes to increase access to eye care and awareness of eye health needs in the community

  7. Friendship

    as well as professional contacts, LINKS participants form lifelong friendships and enjoy shared experiences that they cherish forever

Celebrating LINKS


On World Sight Day, our Indonesian LINK developed this wonderful video to celebrate the day and their ongoing partnership: