Incidence of eye disease

Incidence of eye disease

Incidence data estimate the rate at which new cases of the condition(s) of interest occur in populations over time. These studies are challenging, requiting a large sample size if the conditions are uncommon at a population level, and long term follow up after a baseline survey. Few studies of this kind have been performed in low income settings

  1. Incidence of posterior segment eye diseases in Kenya. Further reading here.
  1. Incidence and progression of eye disease in Andrhra Pradesh, India. In this study participants who were recruited to some of the survey sites of the Andhra Pradesh Eye Disease Study (APEDS) are being traced and re-examined 10-13 years later.


  • Khanna RC., Murthy GVS., Marmamula S., Mettla AL.,  Giridhar R., Banerjee S., Shekhar K., Chakrabarti S.,  Gilbert C., Rao GN, and the Andhra Pradesh Eye Disease Study Group. The longitudinal Andhra Pradesh Eye Disease study (APEDS3): Rationale, Study Design and Research Methodology. Clin. Exp Ophthalmol In press

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