Job Position Available: Tulsi Chanrai Foundation – Ophthal Sugeon – Nigeria
December 23, 2014

JOB PROFILE – OPHTHAL SURGEON – NIGERIA                                            


Tulsi Chanrai Foundation (TCF)

The Chanrai family is one of the most successful and respected business houses in Nigeria for more than 100 years. They have businesses in the areas of trade, manufacturing and finance. The Chanrai family employs about 3000 people in Nigeria.

As part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives, one of the arms of the Chanrai family set up a foundation in 1992 called Tulsi Chanrai Foundation (TCF). TCF presently employs 20 Indian expatriates and 200 local staff. TCF has been accorded the status of International NGO by the Government of Nigeria.

TCF interventions span 3 critical areas – restoring sight, providing access to primary health care and providing safe drinking water. These are all critical change agents – they give people a sense of self-control overt their lives.


  • Examine, diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries of the eye
  • Provides care in inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Evaluate medical and surgical history and coordinate preoperative evaluation
  • Assess visual and refractive status, measures intraocular pressure, and examine the eye and adnexa
  • Perform necessary diagnostic procedures and clinical tests
  • Interpret results, determine treatment plan, and discuss with patient
  • Perform local anaesthesia and surgical procedures
  • Prescribe and administer various ocular and systemic medications
  • Perform laser surgery (Preferred)
  • Formulate plans and procedures for ophthalmological services
  • Schedule operations and assign nurses and medical technicians in such functions as refracting eyes and prescribing glasses
  • Direct nurses in procedures for preoperative and postoperative care and in operating room techniques
  • Advise on quality and quantity of ophthalmological supplies and equipment
  • Medical records management
  • Keep abreast with trends in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases
  • The Surgeon will be supported by a Expat Program Manager with all Administrative activities
  • Immediate reporting of any eventuality – Discomfort and damage to the eye of the operated patient and death to the COO.

Other Details:

  • Experience : 3+ years of experience in handling SICS Surgeries (minimum 500 SICS Surgeries)
  • Number of Position: 2
  • Job Location: Katsina and Kebbi – Nigeria
  • Duration of the Contract: This would be a 3 years assignment (Short term assignment can be considered)
  • Desired Education: MS/ DNB Ophthalmology. We can consider a DOMS candidate
  • Only on an extreme case depending on good record of Cataract Surgery.
  • Weekly schedule: 3 days of Surgery, 2 days of OPD and 1 day of review.
  • Volume of surgeries: 60-70 cases per week
  • Surgeries Conducted: 80% SICS Cataract Surgeries. 20% other surgeries like Pterygium, Glaucoma and Phaco.
  • Remuneration Offered: Assured Savings of USD 40000 to USD 50000 per annum. (Tax Free)
  • Location Salary: 1, 80,000 Naira (Approx 1000 USD) per month
  • Other Benefits Offered: Family Accommodation (All other benefits are enclosed in the document attached with this mail)

Interested applicant may send their resumes on