Cataract case mix study

Establishing the evidence for planning effective cataract programmes

For cataract surgical service planning purposes what is considered an ‘operable’ cataract has become less clear. The cataract case mix study aims to establish the different visual thresholds used for cataract surgery in different countries. This information is essential for planning effective programmes to eliminate cataract blindness.

An exciting aspect of this study is the participation of a global network of eye care professionals, the International Eye Research Network (IERN). Scientists from developing countries are seriously under-represented in various areas of health research* and there is a need to develop and support research capacity in a more diverse range of centres around the world, particularly from lower income settings.

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Download a presentation on the IERN and the cataract case mix study (PDF 440Kb)

If you or your institution would like some more information on this study or on how to join IERN please contact us.


The study is funded by the BUPA Foundation


  • Shah SP, Gilbert CE, Razavi H, Turner EL, Lindfield RJ & on behalf of the International Eye Research Network. Preoperative visual acuity among cataract surgery patients and countries’ state of development a global study. Bull World Health Organ 2011;89:749–756. Free access


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