Research skills

Resources to support eye care professionals looking to improve their research skills

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Print publications
  • Gordon J Johnson, Darwin C Minassian, Robert A Weale, Sheila K West (Eds). The epidemiology of eye disease – 3rd edition. World Scientific 2012. Price: £98. Ordering information and free download of foreword and chapter 1 
  • Michael Hills and Bianca L. De Stavola. A short introduction to Stata for biostatistics (updated to Stata 12). Timberlake 2012 Price: ~$52. Ordering information
  • Monique M. Hennink, Emory University, Atlanta International Focus Group Research. A Handbook for the Health and Social Sciences. Sage Publications 2007. Price: ~£24. Ordering information
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  • Mendeley. Mendeley Ltd 2014 Software
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  • EQUATOR network resource centre. Web site
  • International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). Web site
  • Qualitative research. BMJ. Web site 
  • Rapid assessment of avoidable blindness survey. Web page
  • Research data management guidance. University of Edinburgh. 2013 Web site