Do you want to become a certified ICEH RAAB Trainer?
November 13, 2014

How to become a certified ICEH RAAB trainer:

This is a two stage process firstly attending a RAAB toT which is a week to 10 days long intensive training on the methodology and techniques for training up a team to conduct a RAAB.

Secondly, within one year of the first stage training to conduct a RAAB training under supervision of one of the following certified RAAB trainers. This training must be judged by the certified trainer to reach the required standard.

A trainee must successfully complete both parts of the training.


Please contact one of the following team members in your area:

Hannah Kuper – U.K.

Hans Limburg – Netherlands

Sarah Polack – U.K.

Susan Lewellan – Africa

Joseph Oye – Africa

Mansur Rabiu – Eastern Mediterranean region

BR Shamanna – South East Asia region


More information on the Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness, please visit the RAAB page: here.