• COVID-19: How we are supporting global eye health during the pandemic

    Nearly nine months after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern, we are continuing to feel the effects of the pandemic. For more information on our work and resources at this time, and the latest issue of the Community Eye Health Journal on COVID-19, Read here

  • RAAB COVID Update

    Following the decision to pause all RAAB7 survey data collection until the end of June 2020, ICEH and Peek have developed new guidance for RAAB users considering restarting RAAB survey data collection. Find out more

  • Open Education in Eye Care

    Flexible learning from where ever you are and at your own pace
    Free to participate
    Download and share
    Adapt to support local training

    Find out more

  • Image credit: Dr Kyari, an alumnus of our MSc, was team leader during the national blindness survey in Nigeria. ICEH / LSHTM

    Evidence for VISION 2020: The Right to Sight

    39 million people in the world are blind, and 80% lost their sight due to curable and preventable diseases. Our research provides valuable information to help implement VISION 2020 – the global initiative to eliminate avoidable blindness. Find out more about our research.

  • Graduation day for the MSc Public Health for Eye Care class of 2012/13. Romulo Fabunan/LSHTM

    Training leaders in prevention of blindness

    Our MSc Public Health for Eye Care provides eye health professionals with the public health knowledge and skills required to reduce blindness and visual disability in their population.

  • Peek

    ICEH is proud to support the Peek Vision project which  helps to identify people with eyesight problems and connect them to local health workers using smartphone-based technology. Find out more about Peek.

  • Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium

    Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium

    We are co-ordinating the Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium, a group of eye health organisations working together to deliver an exciting programme of fellowships, research and technology to strengthen eye health systems throughout the Commonwealth.

  • VISION 2020 LINKS Programme

    Improving eye care training by linking Africa and the UK

    The VISION 2020 LINKS Programme works to improve quality and quantity of eye care training, mainly in Africa. It works by matching an African eye department with a UK eye department in a partnership to train the whole eye care team. Find out more.

  • rapid assessment of avoidable blindness/

    Rapid assessment of avoidable blindness

    Rapid assessment of avoidable blindness (RAAB) is a  rapid survey methodology developed by ICEH to provide data on prevalence and causes of visual loss for the design and monitoring of eye care programmes. Find out more about RAAB.

  • Keeping eye care workers up-to-date

    Our Community Eye Health Journal aims to ensure that up‐to‐date,  relevant information reaches eye care workers of all levels in the countries where the burden of visual impairment is greatest. Find out more about the journal.

International Centre for Eye Health

Working to improve eye health in low income populations

The International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH) is a research and education group based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). We work to improve eye health and eliminate avoidable visual impairment and blindness, with a focus on low-income populations.


Our eye health research provides valuable information and evidence in support of the VISION 2020 initiative to eliminate global avoidable blindness. Explore ICEH research.


See details of our MSc Public Health for Eye Care at LSHTM, and find short courses for eye care professionals. Find a course.

VISION 2020 LINKS programme

Learn how the VISION 2020 LINKS programme is improving eye care training in Africa and the UK. Read about LINKS.

Community Eye Health Journal

Our quarterly journal is sent free to eye care workers at all levels in countries where the burden of eye disease and blindness is greatest. Find out more about the journal.

Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium

Coordinated by ICEH, the Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium is a group of eye health organisations working together to deliver an exciting, integrated, five-year programme of fellowships, research and technology. Find out more about the Consortium.

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