Win Prizes with ICEH Social Media Competition for Alumni! Help ICEH circulate our FREE Online Course
February 25, 2015

Are you using Social Media?


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Using social media has proven to be a successful free tool in spreading important messages and knowledge to the public.

We are running a Social Media Competition for the Alumnus who is able to circulate this to the most participants and networks. We have always been confident in our alumni helping us raise awareness of our courses and this is just an extra incentive and a bit of friendly competition!




With this hashtag (#) we will be able to track your participation and networking. Don’t forget to replace your name at the end of the hashtag! The winner with the most hashtags (#) will receive the following gifts:

  1. LSHTM hooded sweat-shirt
  2. LSHTM mug
  3. Epidemiology of Blinding Diseases Book – 3rd Edition (recent)

We have provided a Social Media Marketing Strategy Kit – Alumni Competition for you as guidance on how to utilise our message and your social media effectively and to help you WIN the grand prize!

More Info:

Sign up to the FREE online course using the LINK: here.
More information on the FREE online course on ICEH: here.
Social Media Kit: here.


The International Centre for Eye Health and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are launching a NEW free online course with the help of its partners FutureLearn.

The course 

Global Blindness: Planning and Managing Eye Care Services

This free online course, also know as MOOC (massive open online course) and it is the first of its kind in public health for eye care.

In this MOOC, the participant will be introduced to the magnitude and causes of blindness at a global level, relate to key global initiatives in avoidable blindness and be familiarised with practical approaches to strengthen eye health services, with an emphasis on low and middle income country settings.

This course aims to support eye care and health professionals to begin the consideration of eye health within their populations. The course is taught by ICEH experts who have been involved at different levels of eye care services – from global and academic leadership to clinical and public health experts involved at the community level.

Each participant will do the course at their own pace and hopefully will learn enough to be able to embed the course principles into their own work. We will track this using social networking tools and through pre- and post-course surveys.

Course design

This is a 6 week course, that can be done at a pace that suits each persons time and availability. It will consist of:

  • Short video presentations on key topics
  • Interviews with experts in the field
  • Interactive learning exercises and quizzes
  • Application of practical planning principles using a case study
  • Online discussions to exchange ideas and experiences about the topics covered with peers and experts
  • An option to obtain a certificate from Future Learn, on completion of the course

Sign up to the FREE online course using the LINK:
More information on the FREE online course on ICEH:
Social Media Kit: Social Media Marketing Strategy Kit – Alumni Competition