Education Resources
Community Eye Health Journal

Our Community Eye Health Journal is packed with practical information on eye care in countries where the burden of eye disease and blindness is greatest.  The journal website also maintains a large collection of links to free and low-cost educational materials on eye care in low-income settings.

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Community Eye Health Photostream

Our Community Eye Health Photostream on Flickr has more than 1,700 clinical and practice-based images, all of which are available to download and re-use for teaching and learning purposes.

Trachomatous trichiasis surgery training DVD

An ICEH research programme published and distributed  more than 16,000 copies of the Trachomatous trichiasis surgery training DVD to African eye care workers in 2013. The DVD has step-by-step teaching videos both bilamellar tarsal rotation (BLTR) and posterior lamellar tarsal rotation (PLTR) procedures.  In addition, there is extensive supporting material, such as the assessment and counselling of patients, setting up an operating theatre, sterilising instruments and post-operative care.

Resources for research

Research skills collection

A special collection of resources to help busy eye care professionals improve their research skills. View our collection of research skills resources.

Cochrane Eyes and Vision

Cochrane Eyes and Vision (CEV) is an international network of individuals working to prepare, maintain and promote access to systematic reviews of interventions to treat or prevent eye diseases or visual impairment. CEV is based at the International Centre for Eye Health. Find out more about the CEV.

HINARI Access to Research in Health programme

The HINARI programme provides free or very low cost online access to the major journals in biomedical and related social sciences to local, not-for-profit institutions in developing countries. Find out more about HINARI and how to apply.

International Society Geographical & Epidemiological Ophthalmology (ISGEO)

The aim of ISGEO is to promote the science of geographic and epidemiologic ophthalmology among all people and nations. This aim encompasses the epidemiological, clinical, educational, environmental and cultural aspects of eye disease, prevention of blindness, preservation of sight and visual rehabilitation. ISGEO provides a forum for presentation and discussion of research findings, focussing on developing countries.  Find out more  about ISGEO and how to join.