Community Eye Health Journal

Keeping eye care workers up to date with the latest information

Community Eye Health Journal - issue 86

The Community Eye Health Journal aims to make sure up-to-date, relevant information reaches eye care workers at all levels in countries where the burden of eye disease and blindness is greatest. Journal readers often have little access to other sources of information.

Distributing the journal

Published quarterly, the journal is sent free to over 22,000 health care providers worldwide, mainly in low and middle-income countries. Our total readership is around 35,000 when our French, Chinese and Spanish editions are included, and 16,000 of our readers work in Africa.

Peer-reviewed articles are written by experts in the field and combine clinical issues with public health approaches. These include research, planning and management, appropriate technology, training, planning and advocacy.

How to get the journal

Read and download the journal free online – go to the Community Eye Health Journal website. 

To order the journal, complete the subscription form.

Eye health workers in low and middle-income countries can get back issues of the journal free on CD ROM.

What readers say about the Community Eye Health Journal

“If I am cut out from this Journal you know that I am in utter darkness.” Optometrist, Nigeria

“The Community Eye Health Journal has been my companion for many years… The illustrations in it are so clear that showing them to students has been one of my teaching methods.” Ophthalmologist, Ethiopia

What supporters say about the Community Eye Health Journal

“Empowering and enhancing the skills of eye care teams in developing countries is at the heart of ORBIS’s work. The Community Eye Health Journal talks directly to those making a difference on the ground and complements our work very well.” ORBIS

“We see the Community Eye Health Journal as a unifying medium that connects eye health practitioners with related research and evidence while also providing examples of good practice from all over the world.” Sightsavers 

Support the journal

Millions of people worldwide are needlessly blind because they’re not receiving the eye care they need. Skilled, confident workers are needed to provide this care. The journal gives eye care workers practical, reliable information and motivates them to reach out to people in the poorest communities.

Donate £15 and send the journal to an eye care worker in a low-income country for a year.